Conference - Aptamers in Russia 2019

The international conference "Aptamers in Russia 2019" was held in Krasnoyarsk on August 27-30, 2019. The conference was the first in Russia on aptamer topics. It brought together over a hundred scientists from many regions of Russia and several countries of the world. 

The main purpose of the conference was to bring together leading scientists and researchers, to establish direct contacts between researchers from around the world. The conference program included consideration of a wide range of problems associated with innovative approaches belonging to the aptamers synthesis; methods for studying the properties and structure of aptamers; aptamers diagnosis; aptamers based therapy. 

The conference was attended by over a hundred leading Russian and foreign researchers from China, USA, Canada, Italy, UK and South Korea. The opening of the conference took place in the L.V. Kirensky Institute of Physics. Further work was held at the Admiral Eco-Park, where researchers discussed various aspects work with aptamers - from selection, synthesis, study of properties and structure to their use in the therapy and diagnosis of various diseases. 

 Among the invited participants were leading scientists in that field such as: founder of the Westheimer Institute science and technology Stephen Benner. He presented a work on artificial synthetic DNA and RNA similar systems; vice President of Hunan University and Director of the Institute of Molecular Biology in Shanghai Weihong Tang. He made a brilliant report on the possibilities of using aptamers for therapy. Larry Gold, the scientist who proposed the SELEX technology, presented a talk on somamers. His participation in the conference is an international recognition of the Russian aptamer school. Scientists from Italy - Vitorio de Franciscis, Nicola Barbone, Gerolama Candorella presented reports on the use of aptamers for glioblastoma therapy. Alexey Berezhnoy - professor at the University of Miami talked about the use of aptamers for immunotherapy of cancer. Dr. Xiahong Fang from the Chinese Academy of Sciences - presented data on the use of aptamers for the diagnosis and therapy of lung cancer.  

Date: 01.09.2019

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