The illustration of AptamerLab became the cover of an international magazine

Date: 03.12.2021

Researcher AptamerLab - Tatiana Smolyarova offered an illustration, which became the cover of the scientific journal - "Molecular Therapy". 


"Molecular Therapy" is included in the Scopus database, its main subject areas are molecular medicine and the search for new drugs. The article "C-radiolabeled aptamer for imaging of tumors and metastases using positron emission tomography - computed tomography" was written by the scientific department of AptamerLab in cooperation with the University of Ottawa and the Federal Research Centers of Krasnoyarsk and Novosibirsk and was also included in the fourth issue of the journal.

Identification of primary tumors and metastasis sites is an important step in cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment. The article tells about one of the most reliable methods of scanning the body to detect malignant neoplasms. Positron emission tomography in combination with aptamer, which is used for in vivo imaging of Ehrlich ascites carcinoma and its metastases in mice, showed high specificity and high contrast imaging of cancer cells. This result can be used for the delivery of drugs under the control of PET/ CT in cancer therapy.

This is not the first time that AptamerLab articles have been published in world scientific journals. More articles by researchers here.

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