AptamerLab is one of the best projects for the development of medicines to combat the most dangerous diseases, according to R-Pharm and Skolkovo

Date: 20.10.2021

AptamerLab became one of the three winners of the startup competition, which was organized by the R-Pharm group of companies - the most prominent Russian pharmaceutical company and the Skolkovo Foundation.

The competition was attended by 60 companies engaged in the development of molecules for the treatment of cardiovascular, oncological, hematological, and neurological diseases, searching for new approaches to decoding genetic sequences. Of these, 19 companies made it to the final. During the Innovation Day, Skolkovo experts and the R-Pharm Research and Development Division selected three winners from the finalists. AptamerLab became the winner in the development of innovative drugs. They presented the project "Aptamer development platform for the diagnosis and therapy of oncological diseases."

Vasily Ignatiev has been the CEO of R-Pharm since 2008. He noticed that the developers have a high level of professionalism, and their projects are relevant not only for the Russian but also in international markets.

Thanks to the technologies included in the basis of the AptamerLab platform - NGS to Selex and the know-how of Deep Data Processing development, the company can develop competitive, innovative DNA Aptamers for the therapy and diagnosis of oncological diseases in a year and a half. Technologies allow sequencing and analyzing data, starting from the library and ending with the last Selection round. This approach significantly reduces the risks of obtaining non-working aptamers.

The company's business model assumes three options for cooperation:

Development of a custom-made DNA aptamer-based on a target

Conclusion of a Partnership agreement to finalize projects from the company's portfolio or to create a new project

Licensing of projects at the current stage or bringing projects to clinical trials and licensing them

The company's portfolio includes two projects on the field of disease therapy - "Nanoscalpel" and "Reducing the toxicity of the chemotherapy drug Cisplatin", three projects in the field of diagnosis and visualization of diseases using aptamers during surgery or PET, CT diagnostics, and one project on the fusion of bones, cartilage tissue and skin without scars. AptamerLab has shown the effectiveness of developments on tissue cultures and animals, and for the tumor imaging project, the company conducted preclinical studies and 12 successful operations on humans.

In the coming months, AptamerLab will undergo a "due diligence" procedure, which includes a comprehensive study of the company's activities, an assessment of investment risks, financial condition, and market position. Successful completion of this procedure will allow the company to develop and implement projects in cooperation with R-Pharm.
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